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We provide an end-to-end solution, managing the whole journey from advert, to interview, to decision. Discover our innovations below, and sign up today to transform your recruitment experience!

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Customised features for the best experience

Easy and simple sign-up

Get a part-time job in a few simple steps with no CVs to worry about.
Experience our fun and enjoyable profile builder. Choose your skills with modern day hashtags

Express yourself like never before

Forget cover letters and use our video introductions and cover stories to express the best version of yourself.
Take the in-app interview at your convenience. No more back and forth. Apply in one go.

Removing the thinking process from the recruitment equation

Bringing Artificial Intelligence to recruitment. AI based job matching allows you to easily find and apply to places where you are most likely to get hired.

Define the hours that suit you

Whether you are busy studying or doing something else, use My Availability to define your working hours and clearly show when you can be of service to employers.

Recruitment has never been this fun & easy

  • Express your personality with skills-hashtags and a 1-minute “bio video”
  • Clearly define your working hours with My Availability
  • Apply and receive application outcomes quickly, with feedback, enabling you to secure a job or plan your next round

Recruitment tailored to part-time needs

Tired of generic services? We are too. Save time, money and manpower with our dedicated platform for part-time employment.

Shortlist like never before

Clear your desk of cover letters and CVs. Sit back and review candidates’ digital profiles and Bio videos to learn about them. No more manual shortlisting. Our job strength meter identifies the strongest candidates for your roles.

Interviews made easy

Each application includes a recorded interview, letting you recruit in one go. Our AI takes interview preparation off your hands, generating industry-specific questions for each candidate.

More value for less expense

The ParTimer makes end-to-end recruitment affordable for SMEs. Choose the best package for your needs with our competitive price bundles.

Recruitment Has Never Been so Streamlined

  • An end-to-end service for SMEs, taking you from advert to job offer.
  • Cut down on paperwork with digital profiles and Bio videos.
  • Benefit from Smart job-matching and AI-enhanced interviews, saving you time, money and manpower.

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Looking for part-time jobs has never been this easy
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